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It’s fair to say, that unless you’re in information technology, chances are, your business won’t know the technical and commercial ins and outs of networking, infrastructure and service provider products and services. That’s where ONiYN can help. We help you understand your options and help you connect based on your business requirements.


As an agnostic provider of telecommunication services, we believe that the underlying network should be flat, open, transparent, simple and easy to connect to. Whether we deliver services on our own network or others we simply provide you with choices. Beyond what is available, we also provide you with what options are possible.

Helping You Connect

ONiYN Dark Fibre (ODF)

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ONiYN Diverse Dark Fibre (ODDF)


At ONiYN we believe in efficiency so we avoid overbuilding other Carrier’s networks where we can. But we do build where it makes sense. And where it makes sense is in the fibre poor areas of the country. Traditionally fibre poor areas are considered to be in the regional, rural and remote areas of Australia, however there are many locations within metropolitan and CBD Australia that suffer from a lack of fibre connectivity, or if fibre is present no capacity available, or simply Carriers not offering dark fibre as a service.

ONiYN’s mission is to provide connectivity where others deem it too difficult or not commercially viable. Through our wide network we have the skills, partners, and out of the square thinking to make fibre work.

In many instances there is a requirement for diversity of your communications network. Similar to our ODF product, ONiYN can design, install and maintain dark fibre that is diverse from your current provider or route. Using advanced Geographical Information Systems (GIS) we can accurately map a diverse dark fibre solution for you.

And where you already have ONiYN dark fibre we provide you with an ONiYN Diversity Guarantee(C)™ that provides you certainty that your diverse ONiYN services are exactly that.

Our Network Interconnect


ONiYN Facilities Access (OFA)

Physical ownership of duct is not something organisations always want. ONiYN can design, construct, maintain and augment your own private duct network for you to provide your own network units (fibre or copper) through. There are several situations whereby communications providers wish to own their own physical network with the exception of the underlying duct network. Such obligations on Carriers such as the Facilities Access regime mean that it is often easier to utilise an independent and neutral operators facilities.

ONiYN can provide short or long-term facilities access that suits your particular requirements.


ONiYN Carrier Connect (OCC)

Often in the context of fibre networking within the Australian and in fact global telecommunications marketplace it would be more efficient for Carriers and Service Providers to interconnect their networks either at the physical duct, or pit and pipe level, or even at the optical fibre level.

ONiYN has a number of strategically located interconnect facilities which can be utilised by Carriers to interconnect their networks via an independent third party. This third-party separation means that Carriers can trust that their network details are confidential and that the interconnect process is not being conducted on their own physical asset.

ONiYN allows you as a Carrier to break into ONiYN Carrier Connects pits and splice directly into ONiYN’s interconnect fibre – removing the risk of third parties accessing your network.

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