Who we help

Who We Help


“The cost of telecommunication services in the underserviced areas is unfair, we’re here to change that.”


We’re in the business of enabling businesses – our approach is not “one size fits all” but that “there is a size for all”. No matter where you are,
what you need, or how often you have been told its not possible ONiYN will find a way. Our purpose is to deliver to under-serviced communities and businesses, supporting ecosystems such as Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Research Institutions and Emergency Services.

We work with local providers stakeholders, entrepreneurs and businesses to provide equivalent access to telecommunications service. We will make a difference, and we will change the landscape.

At ONiYN we’re focused on connecting businesses in under-serviced isolated, remote and regional areas of Australia. In some scenarios this could see us providing service 500kms from the nearest city centre, in others it could mean we’re providing services 5kms from the CBD.

We’re interested in talking to you when no other provider wants to or the options you have just don’t deliver to your business requirements. After all you don’t have to be 2,000kms from the city to be underserviced.

We're here when others aren't

No matter if you have a question or just want to say hello, we would love to hear from you.